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Bunker Quantity Survey Bunker fuel quantity survey inspection services. Panormos’s bunker survey professionals provide marine fuel quantity inspection services for clients across the world. Experienced bunker fuel surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels, issuing detailed bunker Survey reports to confirm fuel qualıty reporrts help  clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes.

Bunker Fuel Quantity (BQS) services include : Measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving velles before and after delivery. Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standarts. Quantity delivered calculation, based on density

Detailed bunker survey reports. Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted. Panormos is one of the world’s leaders in bunker fuel inspection and testing expertise, plaese contact us to learn more



  • To carry out condition surveys in accordance with the forms presented by the customers ( P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Charterers), if any or in accordance with our own experiences.
  •  The vessel being inspected systematically in accordance with the aim of the survey, i.e. Surveying& reporting style varies in P&I and Hull & Machinery matters due to the requires and necessities of the customers.
  •  İf required & insructed, evaluation of the vessel as per market investigation based on the ship’s types,size,built year and other competitive factors


  •  To investigate the alleged shortage incident; to check customs weighbridge sheets,to conduct draft surveys if appropriate and to ascertain the short-discharged quantity and possible cause of shortage.


  • To seal or enseal all hold accesses and to issue related certificates
  • To inspect & check the conveniency of the lashing metarials for the cargo & transportation means.
  • To monitor lashing/ securing operations and give advices for the proper lashing/securing of the cargo.
  • To issue lashing approval certificate.