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The PANORMOS INTERNATIONAL Corporation supplies services to clients worldwide.

This presentation provides an overview of our technical capability.

Our role, as Inspection company is to express total neutrality and independence to the buyer and seller in the contract . It acts as an independent assessor of quality and quantity and ensures that these aspects of the contract are objectively

measured with complete impartiality. This is the keynote of PANORMOS activity.

Our service is an essential part of an International transaction where documented
proof of quality and quantity are a requirement of the payment terms.

PANORMOS duty is to protect the interest of our client, to make certain that only goods within specifications are sold or purchased while at the same time demonstrating
impartiality to both parties.

Today we strongly believe that with our wholly owned international network we can provide a truly INDEPENDENTinspection service and a very competitive price. Our sophisticated communication network ensures the professional and prompt completion of all assignments to your specific requirements

The company employs full time staff consisting in Administrative, Engineers specialised in Mechanics, Chemistry and Inspectors , Controllers having polyvalent
skills in several fields :

> Petrochemical // > Foodstuffs // > Minerals // > Technical material //> Consumer Goods

PANORMOS INTERNATIONAL – staff main characteristics :

Professionalism => Permanent in-house training to maintain a high standard of technical competence in the core activities for all employees.

Efficiency => as a consequence of specific training granted to our staff,    may fulfil all requests made by clients.

The Contents
Agri Departement
Petroleum, Chemicals & Petrochemical Department
Fertilizers & Ore
Consumer Goods – Equipment for industry
Metals, Minerals & Steel
Pre-Shipment Services (P.S.I)
Monitoring & Food Aids
Collateral management
Professional accreditation
Aproved by GAFTA